A few Online Marketing Ideas for Businesses.

When managing a small business, or even starting one, you want to keep your costs in mind. Most small businesses cannot afford huge and expensive marketing budgets like most of the bigger more popular companies, meaning you need to become more creative with your ideas to save money.

#1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is great for creating new contacts and potential customers. Studies show over 75% of LinkedIn members want to connect with companies because those connections provide opportunities for them that may help their decision-making.

#2 Publishing Content

Creating and publishing content can be one of the biggest marketing strategies out there. You can do some research, then start writing about your ideas and plan for your company. Let your customers what is ahead for you and your business.

#3 Create How-To Videos

Creating Instructional videos of your content for your customers is something that will really help them and generate a good name for your company they may remember “hey this company is great they even showed me how to set up a product”.

#4 Giveaways

The internet is always great for free offers, and another one of the best marketing strategies is giveaways. When someone receives something for free, they may want to come back for more. Maybe the products they received were really great, or they just felt obligated to buy more since they got stuff for free.

#5 Social Media

Creating social media accounts for your business is a key factor. You want your name to be on every popular site around. People and customers should be able to visit your profiles, look around and like/share the page. When customers or people share the page, its gives a lot of potential for your company to expand its name and get known about. You can create a Facebook page and advertise on there, where people can share things, or you can have an about.me page where they can read what your company does and is about.

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